Your voyage takes you through the dark forests of the internet. A congealment of halfwits stumble from the bushes, fondling each other, muttering something about an IRC server. Welcome to meth.cat, please leave your mental faculties at the door.

Benefits include:

Intermittent and inconsistent, since March 2021.

How to Join

If you don't already have a client, try HexChat or WeeChat.

If the address and port are asked for together: 'meth.cat/+6697'.

How to Join (with Tor)

You should set up a SOCKS5 proxy in your client (make sure Tor is running on your machine), apply the proxy to the server, and disable SSL authentication for the server - it may look something like this:

/proxy add tor socks5 9050
/set irc.server.methcat.proxy "tor"
/set irc.server.methcat.ssl_verify off

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To actually help out, refer someone that would enjoy this retard chamber.


12 MB size limit.

Via form

Via cUrl

curl -F file='@somefile.ext' https://meth.cat