Your voyage takes you through the dark forests of the internet. A congealment of halfwits stumble from the bushes, fondling each other, muttering something about an IRC server. Welcome to meth.cat, please leave your mental faculties at the door.

Benefits include:

Intermittent and inconsistent, since March 2021.

How to Join

You'll need an IRC client. If you don't know where to start, try HexChat or WeeChat.

In the case the address and port are asked for together: 'meth.cat/+6697'.

How to Join (with Tor)

The port and channel are the same again. Make sure Tor is running on your machine. You should then set up a SOCKS5 proxy in your client, apply the proxy to the server, and disable SSL authentication for the server - it may look something like this:

/proxy add tor socks5 9050
/set irc.server.methcat.proxy "tor"
/set irc.server.methcat.ssl_verify off


This website can be found at:


Make contact with the entity responsible for this:

Maintenance costs... haha, I'm kidding, funds won't go towards the server. Donate knowing you are fuelling my vices:

If you want to actually help out, refer someone who would enjoy this retard chamber.


Direct from your twisted mind to their visual cortex. Note a maximum filesize of 12 MB.

Via form

Via cUrl

curl -F file='@somefile.ext' https://meth.cat